Supermarket walk of shame🙈

Growing up I used to meet momies with their babies throwing tantrums in supermakets and I would just think to my self “why can’t parents discipline their children at home , this behaviour shows that there is no discipline at home”. Little did I knew that some toddlers are terrible,they can be pefect at home in terms of behaviour but the moment they get inside the supermaket they just loose it😆.

All this while I never knew how those parents felt like.All I could do was blame the poor women for spoiling ther kids .

Then I grew up and became a momy and she grew up and became a toddler.When ever its time to go to shopping I dread her😊. There are two incidents that I will never forget and whenever i think of those up to today i feel embarased.

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Sometime in November 2016 my friend and I went for grocery shopping. I cautioned my little princess and told her to be on her best behaviour so that she will get a little something afterwads. We drove to the mall with our two babies , my friend was with her baby also. We got into the hypermarket and we were comparing prices of diapers and wipes.Unfortunately, I became tired of carrying my handbag and I6 decided to put it in the trolley .The princess saw a scooter and then she started driving it.In less than a minute my wallet with all the money was gone,remember I had put the handbag in the trolley.😢

I was terrified,I had lost cash ,my passport,my id and my bank cards.In the midst of this confusion our princess had already decided that she loved the pink scooter and she was gona get it.I failed to contain my self i was weeping ,confused and I was 20 weeks pregnant.They checked the cctv footage unfortunately they found nothing because on that section there were no cameras.

Then it was time to go home! Unfortunately there was no money or any means to purchase the pink scooter. My daughter started to cry uncontrollable for the scooter and rolling and throwing herself on the floor. Unfortunately I was also frustrated and I failed to calm her down. We drew every one ‘s attention .The security guards actually thought I was my friend’s maid that is the reason why I was failing to controll the poor child. All eyes were on me ,It felt as if I had shoplifted or I had messed my pants. As we walked out of the shop, I felt so ashamed of my self .What were the thoughts of all the people who were staring at me? For the first time in my life I felt that I had failed being a parent and maybe parenting is only for the strong hearted .So many thoughts kept on coming into my mind and yes I was a failure.

The bible says “train up a child in the way they should go and when she is grown she will never depart from it”

One of my favourite writers wrote the following:

“The well-being of society, the success of the church, the prosperity of the nation, depend upon home influences.”

If we fail to discipline our kids the society and the nation will be affected negatively. We would have raised thieves, muderers and corrupt people. If we need the nation to prosper lets have a positive influence on our children.

Remember to pray for your children .

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lots of love

Mom supporting other moms

Pregnant and discouraged?Everything will be fine.

On the 11th of September,i went to a women’s clinic to see a gynae.As i was sitting in the waiting room ,waiting for my turn to see the gynae,there were about 3 young college students ,pregnant and hopeless.Unfortunately,they had come to terminate their pregnancy(by the way abortion is legal in South Africa).My heart bled,i felt for those little lives being brutally killed in their mother’s wombs.Abortion is murder,children are a gift from God lets stop killing them.I wonder how God feel when mothers kill their own unborn babies.

Its not the end of the world, its the beggining of a lovely journey called motherhood.

I wont judge these young ladies,because they do not know what they are doing,they have never been mommies before and most probably they are scared of what will their parents do when they discover about the pregnancy.They think babies will stand as stumbling blocks and destroy their carriers but why be sexually active if one does not want to be responsible?

I just want to give hope to pregnant women who are feeling hopeless right now.Either its an unwanted pregnancy or you fell pregnant out of wedlock now you are scared of what people will say or you are feeling hopeless because the pregnancy is bringring a lot of changes in your life.Changes like hyper pigmentation,nausea ,tiredness and a complete change of your face(big nose) just to mention a few😆.I want to assure you that its just a phase everything will be back to normal as soon as you deliever.

Babies are so adorable and as soon as they come into this world you will fall in love with them.Actually they will give you a reason to wake up everyday and work hard because you want to give them the best in life.I know of cases where the mother and father will be struggling financially up to an extent of failling to buy baby preparation clothes.Lets me assure you,as soon as the baby is out, you will see the hand of the Lord.Isn’t children are a gift from God? He has a way of providing for all your needs.That baby will never stay naked.

When i became pregnant with our 2nd baby.Honestly,i was not prepared and did not want the pregnancy.I felt like i was going to loose my figure again and thought since it was the second time the changes will be terrible.I would cry throughout the night.Due to the fact that i am a christian and i know my values and ethics ,abortion was never an option.I only took pictures twice ,i hated the pregnancy such that i never informed my mum or anyone who stays far from me.When the baby came most family members were suprised .That is the extent i disliked my pregnancy.However,the moment the baby came out i was filled with love.I loved her with all my heart.I loved her and felt like i knew her from a long time ago..My face which had became dark due to pigmentation recoverd and my big nose went back to normal.

All i am saying is everything will be ok, if you have lost hope hang in there and keep on praying.I am assuring you its only a phase everything will be alright.

Lots of love

Glory s vee

Baby changes everything

1.Sleep is a luxury

Before our first baby came ,I would sleep throughout the night and wake up at around 5am preparing to go to work.However,waking up was a struggle also.My life changed when the baby came.She was so cute and adorable i would spend the whole day looking at her face adoring her ,she would spend the whole day sleeping so peacefully.However,at 9 pm everyday she would wake up and she will not allow me to sleep up to the time she will fall asleep at around 4am.I then realised that our life had changed.This became our sleeping pattern and i missed the old days because i was sleep derived .

I do not know what you momies go through with your little ones but i know that you can relate.One beautifull thing about being a mum is that motherhood experiences are almost the same and by the end of the day these experiences makes us stronger.

2.Giving up on your social life

Last year we deicided to go to durban as girls , we bought our air tickets and flew with the baby ofcourse because i had no one to leave her with.I was the only one with a baby and i regreted going there because the baby gave me a hard time .She did not want to play with the sand at the beach and i ended up carrying her at my back all the time sadly, my whole holiday was spoilt.

3. Lugage all the time

Either you are going out for a few minutes or hours you have to carry baby’s clothes .The baby bag is a must have.We have no choice as mumies we must pack everthing from diapers,vest ,jersey in case the weather changes and baby food .One time i went to the mall without the baby bag for less than an hour in less than 10 minutes upon arrival the baby messed herself in her diaper and the poo was iritating her she started to put her fingers in the nappy trying to scratch herself.It was gross😤 i then went to the changing room and removed the diaper left her wearing her trousers only then we had to rush back home.Therefore,all the times we have to carry a nappy bag .


Most ladies struggle to strike a balance between being a mom and a wife.Babies are so demanding such that by the end of the day momy will be exhausted.Balancing attention between baby and dadie is not easy and in some cases dadies become jealousy.Therefore, it is important to make time for hubby and strike a balance between the baby and dadie.

Momies we have to find ways of adjusting and these changes are only for the first few years.As they grow up and become independent we begin to gain our freedom and our sleep year by year.

Regardless of all these changes ,We are stronger.Yes we can do it and everyday we wake up with more strenght and its amazing how the strength is renewed all the times.Never give up momies ,we can do it.

Lots of love


3 Months after Child birth

Three months after i gave birth i suddenly started to feel tired,lost interest in all the things which i used to like and mostly i would spend the whole day crying for no reason.

Acording to 50 to 80 percent of women experience baby blues.However,baby blues can be experienced in the first few weeks after delievery.The symptoms are the same with those of post natal depression but they will go away in less than a month .This is caused by major hormonal changes after birth.


This can start any time within the first year of delievery.It develops gradually and is not easy to recognise.If you are experiencing some of the symptoms below please speak out so that you can get help.PDN affects your relationship with the baby and with the people around you.


1.A persistent feeling of sadness and low mood ,loss of interest in the world around you and no longer enjoying things that used to give you pleasure.( I would spend the whole day feeling sad and crying for no reason and i lost interest in watching my favourite tv shows. )

2. lack of energy and feeling tired all the time .

3.Trouble sleeping at night and feeling sleepy during the day.

4. Feeling that you’re unable to look after your baby.(I felt that there was a lot that needed to be done and i was failing to manage totally, just bathing the baby and washing her clothes.My older daughter would spend 2 days without bathing .It was too much for me to manage both the kids)

5 Problems concentrating and making decisions.

6. loss of appetite or an increased appetite (comfort eating) feeling agitated and irritable .

7. Feelings of guilt, hopelessness and self-blame .(negative thoughts would flood into my mind , i always felt like givving up on life)

8.Difficulty bonding with your baby with a feeling of indifference and no sense of enjoyment in his or her company.

9.Frightening thoughts – for example,I would see things which were not there, one night i was asleep then i woke up and screamed coz i thought the baby’s arm was broken.

Dear momy if you are experiencing these symptoms please see a doctor.I have heard of cases where a mother ends up beating her small baby.PDN is dangerous if not treated .Furthermore,sorround yourself with positive and loving people .This is the reason why most ladies go to their parents just before delivery ,such that they get assistance with bathing the baby and you don’t get to start doing household chores.PDN can be triggerd by unsupportive spouse and quarrelling all the times.All a woman needs in such times is love.

If you have experienced PDN please share your story in the comments section .There is someone out there struggling and they need hope ,your story can give hope to someone.

Happy reading.

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Grooming tips for ladies”lets be attractive and feminine”

I am sure we all want to be attractive to our loved ones and even in the eyes of the people around us .Besides make up and dressing fashionable there are additionals that we have to encoperate so that we get to be the “it “girl.

1.Try to wear dresses a lot more than pants.

Women were created to be faminine and mysterious.A woman is more attractive when she is wearing a dress.The moment she wears a trousers and have her whole body shape displayed “that hidden mystery” will be gone.Our gentlemen love to imagine things not to see them just like that,the same goes for wearing revealing clothes .

I once attended a baby shower and for the first time in my life i felt like a man .All the ladies were so “girlish “in their cute summer dresses on the contarary i was wearing pink sneakers a pair of jeans and a pink t-shirt😆I felt lost.

Dress tops and leggings are also the in thing and one can wear these also for a feminine look


A few weeks ago i was in Mr Price and the till operators were complaining loudly about an odour (sweat odour) that difused the whole shop.Whether you sweat or you don’t please use a roll on everday.”It girls”have great scents.Avon has affordable perfumes that smells a million dollars(I will review their perfumes in my next post) besides Avon you can purchase EDP perfumes even at the perfume garden.

Make up

We have different backgrounds and some ladies prefer to be natural ,which is a good thing however some love applying foundation and powders like me😗.Ladies when buying makeup please buy your own shade.Looking ashy or buying a foundation that is too light for your skin tone makes you a clown😅.Furthermore,triming your eyebrows and drawing a thin line with a black eyeliner is now a thing of the past (out dated dont do it) If you want people to take you serious consider the facts above.


1.A lady is not aloud to laugh so loud. (i am guilty )Laughing so loud , claping hands and even jumping is musculine.

2.When sitting around people please do not shake your legs.There are some people who shake their legs such that the bench/chair will move tremendously .Ladies, that shaking distracts the attention of others and i have seen people who can not sit steadily ,that is a bad habbit stop it.😡

3.When talking to others be it at work or at church or any one any where,learn to listen first before answering furthermore, do not interupt others before they are done talking and do not lift your hand while someone is still talking that is rude.

4.Walk tall,chest out stomach in and head up like a person who is confident and knows where they are going.

5.A few weeks ago i was on the Gautrain and there is a notice CHEWING GUM NOT ALLOWED.We must know where to eat chewing gums ,Its rude to chew a gum insome places.If you want to freshen your breath please try Tic tac or some sweets.

6.Please do not walk in public places with a tooth pic in your mouth or even after eating please do not start opening your mouth in public and start using a tooth pic removing all the food items stuck in your teeth while people are watching.lets leave that for taxi drivers😆.

7.A lady does not announce that she is going to the bathroom to pee.When nature calls just disapear go and do your bussiness and when done come back and continue with whatever you were doing.

Remember to be kind all the time and remember that ladies do not speak on top of their voices.

An attractive woman doesn’t fight in the street.She knows to say No politely and stand her ground without making noise.

To all our beautifull mothers,I know parenting has a way of driving us crazy but let us not forget to take care of our selves because of children .We still need to look stunning because we are still wives to our husbands.Its not good to appear older than your husband because of the way you dress.Ladies lets stop neglecting our selves because we are now married.Lets continue to slay whether we gain wait after birth or not.

Remember to Comment and share.

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Thank you ladies for allowing me to use you as models😍.


Babies think mumies are superheroes!

Babies are beautifull and we all love them.I have realised that most people who do not have babies always admire our babies and say “ncooo she is sooo sweeet😍” but they do not know what we go through with these “sweet “little lives.

I have made one observation,whenever my husband plays with our 5 month old baby ,the moment she starts to cry he gives me back the baby.That i do not understand! Why am i given the baby ?How on earth am i supposed to know the reason why the baby is crying? This baby can not talk but mumy is expected to have a solution😊.Mommy knows it all and she knows how to deal with the baby.We are in the same boat with dadie ,if she is not telling dadie the reason why she is crying then she is not gona tell mum why she is crying but I thank God for our motherly instincts and for patience ,I will keep on guessing why she is crying up until i get the answer.

“Mommy i want to pee”

my munchkins☝

My 3 year old amazes me whenever nature calls her she will run past the bathroom and at( that moment she is soo pressed )”mummy i want to pee”when i say go to the bathroom that is when she goes.She runs past the bathroom to me first .Momyhood is one difficult thing where you are expected to have all the answers and solutions to problems in seconds.I guess our babies sees us as their supper heroes.

The other time before we left home i asked her if she would like to use the bathroom and she said no and a few minutes later as we got into the freeway she said she wanted to use the bathroom urgently.We were in the freeway and there was no where to stop,the next service station was about 10kms away but i was supposed to come up with a bathroom there and there.Being a parent is for the strong hearted sometimes i feel so disheartened but i have to keep on going for the sake of thr children.

At the mall

One weekend we went shopping with the kids ,we got into a clothing shop and i was picking up clothing items and comparing the clothes deciding which one to take and like all women do i spent more than 30 minutes in that shop.Sheki (3 year toddler) was playing with the other kids and i was busy pushing the prem moving around.I paid the bill and as we were aproaching the door she shouted”pee” As a supper momie i was supposed to take her to the bathroom in less than 10 seconds unfortunately i could not do that so she peed herself😩. I became so confused such that instead of buying her a pair of jegging in that same shop ,i left and went upstairs to Pep store😆 to go buy a cheaper jegging.On our way to Pep she kept on removing her jeans complaining that they were cold.She wanted to walk naked.We finally got to Pep and i bought her the jeggings.I then decided to change her outside the shop and guess what happened 2 security guards approached me and told me that i was disrespecting her ,I was supposed to take her to the bathroom and change her there.Remember she was complaining that her pants were cold already therefore,walking to the bathroom was going to be another struggle .Tears rolled down my cheeks ,was i being a bad mum?Have i failed to be a supper mum?

However,life has to go on and whether we like it or not as momies we have to think fast and provide solutions for all our babies problems .We got to stay strong for the sake our babies that is mom’s job

Incase you have gone through such please comment below because parenting is all about sharing.

Happy reading

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As i aproached the final trimester of my pregnancy i was anxious and  excited .I could not wait to meet the little life in me furthermore,i wanted the best products for her,i bought perfumed soaps ,perfumes lotions so that after bathing she would smell nice ,who does not want the best things for their kids?However,they are certain facts that we are not told about our babies.Facts like their skin is still sensative such that they get affected by some pefumes in soaps and all.We are also not told which pruducts should we use in their 1st weeks of their lives .


Four weeks after i gave birth to Michaella ,she developed rash on her face and shoulders.I did not worry a lot beacause i told myself it was heat rash.You know how African women love to over dress their children and even wrap their kids with lots of blankets .(I was one of those)🙈 so i decided to reduce the amount of blankets so that the baby can breath.However the rash did not go instead it turned into big patches on her face.Infact her face became even more darker with the dark spots more defined and she would try to scratch herself.

We then consulted the doctor who told us it was eczema ,we bought E 45 , bionike soap for eczema and biocorte (which is a cortisone that would help with stopping the itching) .My husband also bought epimax and within a few days we noticed changes in her skin.The dark pigments disapeared and the itching was gone.


I learnt that when our babies are still small the best products to use are fregrance free products.I am not saying fregrances causes eczema but we do not know how our little ones would react to such products.In as much as we want the best for our babies lets be carefull with the products we use on them.According to Johnson &Johnson”babies loose to their moisture 5 times as compared to adults” therefore there is a need to keep our baby’s skin moisturised .

E45 cream helps moisturise and relieves dry skin.It now available in a pump which is convinient and prevents waistage.Its available at dischem phamacies and any other phamacies .

Epimax junior is also a fregrance free emollient moisturiser and does the same job as the E45.

All i am saying is that as parents let us not ignore such skin conditions .The moment you realise that your baby’s rash is changing their skin or its not going away please consult a doctor.IMG_20170510_161142 few days after using E 45 and epimax.

For further reading you can visit the following websites.

Red Raspberry tea ,an essential herb during pregnancy

Have you ever been in the martenity ward for so many hours and the clock seems not to be moving,not to mention some pregy women who come way after you and only spend a few minutes struggling with pain and oops they deliver there and there.

I had a traumatising labour experience on my first born and i spent more than 48 hours in labour .The pain was terrible thus when i became pregnant with the second baby i dreaded labour however, a friend of mine Charity, told me about Red Raspberry tea.She told me that it would help with shortening the labour ,O M G ! that night i came home and did my research on this product.The following morning i rushed to Dischem pharmacy and bought the tea.I drank it religiously and i promise you it helped me a lot.


It is a herbal leaf tea that is green in colour and is recomended by midwives to consume during the last trimester of pregnancy and is well known for toning the uterus muscles and preparing your body for labour.

Benefits of taking Raspberry tea during pregnancy.

*Shortens labour

* Helps with preventing nausea during pregnancy.

*Reduces the risk of premature birth.

*Helps with milk production.

*NB*to be consumed in the last timester of pregnancy (7months).

My personal experience with the tea.

After using the Red Raspberry tea i felt i was obliged to share with other pregnant women.I felt that keeping this infomation to my self will be selfish and i would not forgive myself for that.

At around 5am on the 23rd of March 2017 i felt a tickling sensation in my womb furthermore ,i thought i had peed myself but the bedding was dry my motherly instincts told me that it was about time.The contractions started at around 10am and they were about 10 minutes apart.I sent a message to one of my friend (a nurse)Ashely and i asked her if it was a false labour.She asked me a few questions then told me it was real .That moment i was scared of was at hand😢.

I started using the tea a bit late, about2 weeks prior to my Edd however, when i did my reasearch i found out that there was a labour receipe that i could make and drink on that very same day.Due to the pain i culdnt make the tea and luckily a friend of mine, Patience came and made the tea for me .I drank about 20 tea bags of the red raspberry tea,i know it sounds as if i was overdosing but lets not forget that is the receipe for labour.I drank at around 2pm and an hour later the contractions improved they were now 50 seconds apart.

We got to the hospital at around 1600hrs and the midwife told me i had dialeted for only 4 centimetres .I was heartbroken but little did i knew that the tea was just starting to work. Ladies from 1600hrs up to 2000hrs i did not rest .The pain was too much i thought i was dying.The ovedorse i took was a way of inducing myself .Short labours are hard work but you only get to struggle for a few hours. I delieverd at 2000hrs.So i was only in real pain for 4 hours.

To those who feel like trying please talk to the pharmacist or your gynae before doing so.Personally i do not regret using this tea.

Please comment below.

*You can purchase this product at any dischem store in South africa.